Huron K3x8 five

Huron brand machining centre capable of operating at high speed with 5 shafts simultaneously at 30 m/min. Incorporates precision control. Especially suitable for manufacture of parts for the aeronautics world, since it makes it possible to create complex with the minimum of manipulations.

  • High speed continuous 5-shaft vertical machining centre, with a work capacity of: X: 780 mm, Y: 700 mm, Z: 500 mm.

    • Headstock revs
    • 16.000 rpm.
    • Rotation of headstock A
    • (-45º/+110º)
    • Rotation of headstock C
    • (360º continuous)
    • Rapid movements X/Y/Z
    • 30 m/min
    • Work area
    • 500Ø mm