Takisawa TT-2600G

The Takisawa TT-2600GA CM double spindle and double turret lathe is a key piece of mechanizing machinery, as it offers excellent precision and efficiency in its task of turning and cutting metal parts.

Thanks to its ability to turn two axes simultaneously, this mechanizing machine is ideal for the production of parts with axial symmetry. In addition, the double turret allows for quick tool changes and its programming is very simple, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The Takisawa TT-2600GA CM is a robust and durable tool, ideal for intensive work in the production of large parts. Its numerical control technology offers great precision in cutting, and its maximum speed of 4,000 rpm makes the production of parts very fast and efficient.

Therefore, the Takisawa TT-2600GA CM mechanizing machine is an excellent option for companies looking to achieve highly precise and efficient metal parts. Its numerical control technology, double turret, and ability to turn two axes simultaneously make it an essential tool when high-quality mechanizing machinery is needed.

  • Double spindle and double turret lathe

    • Capacities
    • Ø 200/120mm
    • Number of axes
    • 3(X + Z + C) x 2
    • Max. speed
    • 4,000 r.p.m.
  • Gantry loader