MEBSA and the Aerospace Challenge: Innovating with INCONEL 718 for Turbojets

Our most recent project for the aerospace sector marks a milestone in our trajectory of innovation and quality. We have manufactured a set of turbojet parts using the advanced material INCONEL 718, known for its exceptional thermal and mechanical resistance properties.

This material presents unique challenges due to its hardness and corrosion resistance. Handling INCONEL 718 for this project underscores our commitment to the forefront and our ability to work with highly complex specifications. The aerospace sector sets rigorous requirements, hence it demands cutting-edge technology and the latest generation of machinery, areas in which MEBSA excels. Our team of experts has approached this project with a combination of experience, precision, and dedication, ensuring that each piece not only complies with the industry’s regulations but also exceeds quality expectations.

Manufacturing components for turbojets not only reinforces our position as leaders in precision machining but also demonstrates our ability to overcome the most complex challenges and our constant pursuit of excellence. We invite our clients and collaborators to discover how we can add value to their most demanding projects. With MEBSA, you will get not just a supplier, but a partner committed to quality and innovation in precision machining for turbojet components and beyond.