Laser marking

Laser marking: product identification and traceability

Nos permite ofrecer un marcado indeleble de la más alta calidad, lo que significa que las marcas son resistentes a la agresión física y química, y constituyen una herramienta muy útil para la identificación y trazabilidad de piezas industriales.

Laser marking is the technology that we use at Mebsa to create permanent marks with high quality and definition on different materials.

It works from a laser light beam –generated by a diode source and transmitted through a fiber optic medium– that directs the light beam onto the surface of the material to be marked. It does not require the use of chemicals or inks, making it a highly environmentally friendly option.

It results in sharp, high-contrast graphic images, which can include all the text, dates, numbering, symbols, logos and barcodes the customer desires.

It allows us to offer an indelible marking of the highest quality, which means that the marks are resistant to physical and chemical aggression, and constitute a very useful tool for the identification and traceability of industrial parts.