Quality policy


MEBSA, in order to improve its competitiveness and economic results has defined the present quality policy and has a Quality Management System certified according standards ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2018. To deploy this policy, it has a quality manual and procedures that are living documents that encourages the continuous improvement at all levels.

Management identifies the different interested parts, defines its expectations and tries to satisfy them. He promises to fulfill the legal, regulatory requirements and confidentiality, promotes the Quality Management System that must be provided with the enthusiasm and comprehension of the whole staff, informs about the importance of customer focus, who must be present in all MEBSA’s activities.

Likewise, Management facilitates the application of Quality Management System and its continuous improvement, contributing the most modern technical resources and the required training so that employees could realize its work. The activities offered by the company are summarized in the process map and, periodically, there is carried out an analysis of the risks and opportunities of the above mentioned processes.

Management adopts the necessary measures to maintain a human team compromised with the company where all employees are conscious of the importance of its work to achieve the satisfaction of the clients and the economic viability of the company.

MEBSA hopes that customers and all other stakeholders should obtain the wished satisfaction of an innovative company, which strains to be up to date to offer products and quality services.