Quality policy


The Company Mecanitzats Eudald Burgaya Sala, S.L., known as MEBSA, dedicated to precision machining and laser marking, has guide his corporate strategy by considering the commitment to respect the Environment as well as the quality of the manufactured products and services offered. With the aim of improving its competitiveness, to protect the Environment and to improve its economics results, MEBSA has defined this Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy and implemented an Integrated Management System, according to the Quality Standards ISO 9001 :2015 and the EN 9100:2018, as well as the Environmental Standard ISO 14001:2015. As a deployment of this Policy, MEBSA has an Integrated Manual of Management and Procedures, which are living documents and encourage continuous improvement at all levels.

The Management identifies the interested parties in its activities, define its expectations and seek to meet them. The Company undertakes to comply with environmental, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the confidential agreements with its customers, promote the Integrated Management System, which must count with the enthusiasm and knowledge of all the staff of the company, inform about the importance of approaching customers and raising awareness of the Environment; these elements should be present in all the activities of the Company. MEBSA is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with the different interested parties with the aim of meeting all the conditions and satisfying the interests related to the environmental aspects and the quality of its products and services, in particular by including suppliers in the commitment to respect the Environment and the quality. Technological options, financial needs, and the options expressed by the different interested parties, will be taken in account.

MEBSA identifies the aspects related to the environment and seeks to reduce the impacts on it, associated with the processes carried out in the operating facilities of the Company. MEBSA works in the prevention, reduction and elimination of all types of pollution, as well as in the reuse of available resources.

MEBSA brings the technical resources and provides necessary training for staff to make possible the Integrated Management System and the continuous improvement of its efficiency. The activities developed by the company are summarized in the Processes Map and periodically an analysis of risks and opportunities is carried out.

Assuming this policy and responsibilities at different levels in the organization is an essential condition to achieve customers satisfaction and of the other interested parties, environmental protection and continuous improvement, as for environmental behavior of the processes, as products and services offered to clients.



The Management of MEBSA has defined this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethical Behavior Policy in order to leave a formal statement of the commitments and principles that always have governed the way the Company acts since its foundation. As reference is considered the ISO 26000 Standard.

Management is committed to meet legal and regulatory requirements in terms of recruitment and of working conditions of all employees, always ensuring respect for Human Rights.

Management is committed to ensure good practices with the aim of ensuring that all the staff apply anti-blackmail and anti-corruption laws and regulations, being priority the company’s interests; remaining faithful to accounting records and documentation, in such a way that it reflects the true nature of the transactions.

The Management is committed to extend to its suppliers the principles of this Policy, by incorporating them in the document « Supplier-MEBSA Framework Agreement».

MEBSA records the monitoring of these aspects in the Annual Report of the Management System Review Report.