Machining Center HERMLE C32

The Machining Center HERMLE C32 from MEBSA is associated to a robotized loading system from the EROWA brand.

Machining Center HERMLE C32 is equipped with a five axis and could work with pieces up to 1000kg with a maximum high of 420mm and a maximum diameter of 650mm.

It should be highlighted that the HERMLE C32 model belongs to a generation of machining centers involving a huge process of research and engineering. It is built in graphite, which provides excellent properties, for a maximum accuracy, damping, surplus absorpsion and antivibrations during all the machining process of the pieces.

At MEBSA we put our facilities at the disposal of the Metalurgical Industry and to the service of our main sectors of activity: automotive, aeronautics, nuclear, food industry, electric cycles, faucet, pharma-laboratories, rail network, etc.

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    • Work Area:
    • X:650 – Y: 650 – Z: 500mm
    • Head speed:
    • 18.000 tr/mm
    • Linear Speed:
    • 60 m/min
    • Linear Acceleration:
    • 10 m/s²
    • Control Unit:
    • TNC 640
    • Tools of Work:
    • 88 tools integrated loader