Piece made with polyurethane 90SH

In MEBSA we like challenges and that’s why we would like to show you one of the latest pieces we have machined. It is different from the pieces we usually manufacture, as it’s a piece made with POLYURETHANE 90 SH A. For that, MEBSA has a Durometer of shores A and D.

It is a polyurethane with a hardness of 90SH (Shores) and at the same time very elastic. This piece is difficult to machine, due to its flexibility, it is designed by the automotive sector and its function is to silence the whole block where it is located.

At MEBSA, we have carried out a series of pieces in order to find the best tools and conditions to be able to machine this type of a very elastic material and to turn it into a piece designed to reduce the vibrations caused by the elements assembled together.

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