MEBSA works with Tecnocim

In MEBSA, we specialize in high quality and precision machined projects. For years we have been working for different industrial sectors and covering markets such as the automotive sector, in particular the World Rally Car, the aeronautics sector and even the nuclear sector, among other sectors.
Our bet has always been to work with pieces of a certain complexity and specialize in this type of work.

Mastercam 2020 - MEBSA

To carry out this type of more complex work we have equipped ourselves with programming assistance programs.

In this sense and for some time, MEBSA works with Tecnocim, a company whose program has provided us with different types of strategies to improve the speed and effectiveness of milling.

These strategies allow us to remove a lot of material, with little effort from the machine and quickly, to the point that we have eliminated all milling with inserts.
Specifically, with Mastercam’s dynamic milling, we have been able to greatly improve our processes.

MEBSA trabaja con TECNOCIM y mastercam

The after-sales service, but especially the continuous training provided by Tecnocim, we believe are very interesting from our point of view and helps us get the most out of a tool that has acquired great importance in our machining processes. .

We leave you with a video where Eudald and Marta, the top managers of MEBSA give us their point of view on this technology, the changes in the work and milling processes, and the Tecnocim brand.