Artic SDR, the most advanced cooling system

Artic SDR is the optimal solution for electronic devices with high-power components that generate great heat. A system that guarantees perfect, constant cooling and that we have machined at Mebsa with the 5-axis Hermle C32 machining unit, wich leaves the part virtually finished in one go.

This cooling system consists of three parts: Up, Middle and Down Side. The Up and Down parts are linked to the electronics and external connectors, whereas the Middle Side is assembled with the Up and contains the temperature dissipator for the FPGA (processor). The tubes in the Artic SDR system circulate the air to cool it; the box acts as a dissipator, and the forced ventilation system ensures ideal cooling. The Up part also has deeper cooling fins and a hole that fits to allow the air to circulate.

Inner angles
The design of the Artic SDR has been evolved to guarantee maximum efficiency. The inner angles of all parts have been improved to ensure optimal performance and maximum durability. The fans have a specific angle to inject air and create a turbulent flow, and there is a cut halfway through the box to create turbulence and improve the side fin cooling.

Units of measure and materials
All measurements are generally in M2, including the closure of the two boxes and for the fans (except for RF connectors and connectors for electronics attached to the Downside). The material used is Black Anodised Aluminium 6082.

Artic SDR, a high-level project of wich we are proud to be a part!